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Wrong Lead, Dream Horse Mystery #3…Excerpt #3





Wrong Lead, Dream Horse Mystery#3 will be out in just a few days!

OMG. Thrilled. Each new book is a little like the birth of a child–not usually quite as painful and sometimes–often–much longer than nine months in the making.

Following is your third excerpt. I hope you enjoy it! You can still preorder Wrong Lead for only 99c. After the release, the price will go up.

In this excerpt, Vi is visiting her cousin Penny on Long Island when Dex One comes to pick her up for dinner.

As I finished and opened the bathroom door, I felt the change—a rich fullness saturated the air, and not from the blubbing percolator.

On sock feet, I padded the hall in silence, afraid something had happened with the baby. But Penny wasn’t in the bedroom. I heard a masculine throat getting cleared toward the front of the house and reversed.

And there, in the living room, taking up more space than he had a right to, stood Dex. In a navy suit, white button-down shirt, maroon striped tie and matching pocket silk. I’d seen him in a tux once, but never a suit. Dex was of medium build and at first glance, not especially handsome, not in the heart-stopping, life-guard way Malcolm is. Nor was he just-stepped-out-of-a-Ralph-Lauren-ad beautiful like Harry. That is, until you noticed his eyes. The intensity there changed everything. In the tux, he’d been man candy on a stick. The suit did not diminish his yumminess. Which Penny’s slack-jawed stare attested to. I glanced over my T-shirt and jeans.

“You didn’t tell me we were dressing up.”

Dex’s eyes were all warm molasses as he drawled, “It’s Saturday night in New York, Miss Parker. I didn’t think I needed to.”

A snore drifted up from the basement. Penny didn’t appear to notice. A twitch of Dex’s eyebrows was the only indication he heard. I swept by my cousin and whispered, “Close your mouth, Sis-co.” Louder, I said, “Penny, meet Dexter Hamill, retired mounted cop and sometime PI. You can call him Dex.”

Dex’s thick, white-blonde hair was swept back from his forehead. When I first met him, he sported a military-severe crew cut. Since then, he’d let it grow long enough to brush his collar. A  short beard only added to his allure. He took Penny’s hand. “At your service, ma’am. Rumors of Miss Parker’s cousin’s beauty were not exaggerated.”

Penny continued to stare, and if I didn’t do something soon, she’d start drooling worse than Isabella. Maybe motherhood had short-circuited her brain. I’d heard that could happen. I’d never seen her struck dumb by a man before. Although I had to admit, if Dex had sauntered into the barn like this the first time I met him, I might have been a little tongue-tied, too. Clearly, Penny wasn’t getting out enough.

“Dex, would you excuse us a minute? There’s coffee in the kitchen. Help yourself.”

I pinched Penny’s arm and dragged her to the bedroom.

Once there, she put her hands to her head. “Oh my God, Vi, you didn’t tell me there were more gorgeous men out there.”

“They grow like weeds.”

“Does he wear a kilt, too?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Those eyes. Did he call me beautiful? He did, didn’t he?”

“He did.”

I took in her flat hair and sweats. Despite looking tired, her skin glowed. “You are beautiful. Don’t ever doubt it.”

“I’m moving to Missouri.”

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Hey, don’t forget to enjoy the ride!!




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