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W is for Winterlight

After the dust settled and the bad guys were dead or in custody, and the police and sheriff and FBI had all gone home, Malcolm and I finally had some time to ourselves.

“So, why do you call this place Winterlight?” I asked him.

“Sometimes, in the winter when it’s very cold… ” he trailed off. Not far away, a cow mooed. “You’ll just have to be here this winter to find out.”

“I have to stay here for months, mucking your stalls and riding your horses and doing God knows what other kinds of dismal farm-related chores you think up, just to find out what Winterlight’s winter light is?”

“Whatever it takes to keep you here.”

That made me the exact opposite of cranky. But I still don’t know what the winter light of Winterlight is!

Join me tomorrow for X.

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