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V is for Velvet

It was the night of the day of the incident. Malcolm had been out of town on business when it happened. I was in the apartment, tired and wired. He called to check on my when he got home.

“You okay down there? You’ve had quite a day.”

I should not try to hold a conversation when I’m that tired. It’s almost as bad as being drunk. Except that I’m not stupid when I’m tired, just vulnerable and honest. I most definitely should not talk to a man who has a chuckle like velvet, not after the kind of day I’d had.

“Yes,” I said. “But, it couldn’t have been easy for you, either.” I knew from Hank and Clara that Norman had worked at Winterlight only for a few months. Malcolm had hired him on Sandy’s recommendation. Before that, he and Malcolm hadn’t met. Still. He was human. “I’m sorry.”

“Thanks. But I’m the one who should be apologizing. This is a mess. I would understand if you wanted to—”

“I’m fine, really.” Like hell, but if he thought I was so easily gotten rid of, he had another think coming.

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