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Today’s Ride: The Dream Horse Mysteries Omnibus!

If only dream horses came with instructions…

The Dream Horse Mysteries Omnibus–print edition

The Dream Horse Mysteries have been collected into a boxed set that includes the short prequel, Cold Backed, and all three novels: On the Buckle, Run Out, and Wrong Lead. The set is available as a paperback and as an ebook. You can find this gorgeous omnibus edition at all retailers. Links below.

The Dream Horse Mysteries star Viola Parker, a 29-year-old horsewoman whose attitude and smart mouth frequently get her in trouble with her bosses. As it is, she’s never worked more than a year at one place, but since the famous jumper, Wastrel, crashed to his death with her aboard, no one will even talk to her. Vi binges whipped cream when stressed–chocolate flavored for extreme stress. 

When Vi lands right in the middle of a murder mystery, it threatens to jeopardize her new position on a Missouri horse farm, and that could disqualify her from receiving a surprise family trust fund with a requirement she keep a job for one full year by the time she’s 30. Not to mention the impact it would have on the budding relationship with her hunky kilt-wearing boss, Malcolm.

The Dream Horse Mysteries–ebook edition

If murder doesn’t qualify as extreme stress, nothing does!

When Wastrel begins haunting her dreams and dead bodies start piling up, the question isn’t whether she can earn a reference, but whether she’ll live long enough to get it.

As Vi says, “Despite having been my favorite horse to ride when alive, as a dead messenger, Wastrel never brought glad tidings.”

To take the Dream Horse Mysteries for a trial run, you can download the short prequel, Cold Backed, for free. See links below.

Praise for On the Buckle

A fast-paced and enjoyable suspense tale featuring funny and likable Vi Parker. Carrabus has created a strong heroine in Vi, who is somewhat scarred by her parents foisting her on her aunt and uncle and the tragic loss of a horse she was competing on. She’s definitely not shy about what she likes: including shots of whipped cream straight from the can, and the sight of a chiseled, well-muscled manly torso. There’s also a first-rate mystery in On The Buckle as Vi, Malcolm, and his friends try to figure out who killed Norman and why

Readers’ Favorite

This is a very strong book with a compelling protagonist and a tension filled plot. There are great emotional motivations for Viola to be the way she is…. Her relationship with the handsome owner is believably fraught and the mysteries keep mounting when little accidents start piling up. A very strong and enjoyable novel.

 Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

Get your copy of The Dream Horse Mysteries today! 

Enjoy the ride!


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