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Today’s Ride: Running Errands With the Dogs

Carlo and Lucy

I love our dogs, Carlo and Lucy, but they don’t get out much. They really don’t know how to act in public. Yesterday I decided to take them with me into to town to run a few errands because they’ve been bad about staying inside their invisible fence, and I didn’t want to leave them outside unattended.

Carlo is a purebred black Lab. Just as you’d expect, he’s a mellow soul who has never met a stranger. Lucy, on the other hand, is a mixed-breed rescue who probably was abused when she was younger. She has issues such as extreme separation anxiety, a deep distrust of strangers, men especially, and the UPS driver in particular.

They love riding in the truck, so getting them loaded up is never a problem even though most of the time it means they are going to the vet. There was some whining from Lucy when we got into town, but they stayed in the back through the first stop. They must have started getting restless while I was in Tractor Supply. I came out to find Carlo in my seat. I’d prefer he stay in the back, but I shoved him over to the passenger side and decided that was fine. He’s a good copilot.

Carlo riding shotgun.

Tractor Supply was out of the bedding I needed so we went to Orscheln’s. They were also out but I managed to find a couple of other things I needed like a new laser light toy for the cats (seriously, NEEDED). When I came out, Lucy was in the front seat with Carlo in a barking war with a dog in another car.

We stopped for gas and Lucy whined the entire time even though I was standing right next her window. I took them through the drive-up at Lion’s Choice to get them turkey sandwiches because the car wash was next and I wasn’t sure how they would react to that. The girl working the drive-up window said they were cute. I considered telling her that cute is as cute does, but instead just thanked her and headed for the car wash.

Carlo and Lucy sharing the front seat.

As I entered my code, I had a passing thought to shut and lock the windows, but then I saw the sign to fold in my mirrors, and I still needed to stuff a tip in the box for the guys who do the pre-cleaning at this particular place, so I got distracted and forgot.

We started through the car wash and the dogs were pretty calm. But I was, after all, plying them with pieces of roasted turkey and buttered bun. All was going well. Well, that is, until right when the big spinning things were going down the side of the truck it all of sudden got much, MUCH louder. I looked back to see that Lucy had opened the back window ALL THE WAY.

Amidst a spray of soapy water, I quickly shut the window and applied the child locks. It could have been worse, I thought. The silly dog could have jumped out while we were in there, and then I would have had to get out and who knows what sort of mayhem would have ensued. Really, one must count one’s blessings.

On to the horse barn where I planned a quick stop to let Remi know I’m still alive, feed him an apple, and head home. I let the dogs out to sniff around and pee and give them a drink, then loaded them back into the truck, cracked the windows, and went inside.

No more than ten minutes later, I came out. Lucy had locked the truck with my purse, and the key fob inside, of course. She stood with her front feet on the arm rest looking at me happily and wagging her tail. I went back inside, got a mounting block and a dressage whip hoping that would enable me to snag my purse through the slightly open window or perhaps push the button to unlock the doors.

When I got back to the truck, Lucy had unlocked the doors. Just kidding! Ha ha. So funny. I nabbed my purse, returned the mounting block and whip to the barn, and got back in the truck to go home.

Lucy resting after all of her shenanigans

Apparently, being naughty is exhausting because Lucy promptly curled up on the front seat and went to sleep.

Is it any wonder where some of my story ideas come from?

Until next time, enjoy the ride!

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