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Today’s Ride: Preorder Wrong Lead, and New Covers!

Woo hoo! Who doesn’t like new stuff? I do.

I like old things too! But today is about the gorgeous face lift the Dream Horse Mysteries have gotten.

Thanks to the magic and patience of Molly Phipps–We Got You Covered Book Design (and I do mean patience–I waffled on the cover elements many times and Molly talked me down repeatedly), I have four beautiful new covers for Cold Backed (short Dream Horse Mystery Prequel), On the Buckle (#1), Run Out (#2), and Wrong Lead (#3) which will be out September 4th. Molly is also responsible for my fabulous logo which I’m also totally in love with.

Cold Backed is FREE and always will be. It’s a great way to meet Vi and a few other characters before diving into the series.


Preorder Wrong Lead now for only 99c!



Barnes & Noble Nook



Until next time, enjoy the ride!




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