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Today’s Ride: My Street Team

So, this happened. A couple of fans created a street team for me! It is beyond awesome and I can’t even express how grateful I am. What’s a street team you ask? It’s a group of volunteers who band together to promote an author and her work. Right now, it’s small–TWO–but I hope it will grow over time. Only two, but two of the most wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, and hard working women in the world. I asked Suzi and Lorna a few questions about what a street team is and what they do. Here’s what they said:

  1.  Me: What is an author street team?
    Suzi Tyrrell An author Street team is a group of people willing to give a little time to promoting an author over social media.
    Lorna Farrell A Street Team is usually made up of fans of an author who do what they can to help promote the author’s work. If can be over social media, (which is what we do), with family and friends, or at times helping out at book signings and events (if possible).
  2. Me: How do you work? That is, what do you do as part of the street team?
    Suzi Tyrrell There are thousands of dedicated book blogs out there. They link their sites to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. These blogs give authors the opportunity to advertise there work on their social media. A street team uses these opportunities to promote their author…. affectionately known as pimping!
    Me: What if someone who wants to be part of a street team isn’t active on social media? Are there other, more traditional, methods of spreading the word? Out on the street, so to speak?
    Suzi Tyrrell Recommending the author to friends and family would be their limit but that in itself goes a long way.
    Me: I agree that word of mouth is still the most valuable method of promotion!
    Lorna Farrell They can ask their local libraries to carry the books, recommend at a book group, even reading one on the train or at the doctor’s office can spark an interest. If they see someone reading a book they can mention the author’s work.  They can also purchase one as a gift for friends or family. There are plenty of opportunities to share.
  3. What’s in it for you?
    Suzi Tyrrell For me personally- just a thanks from the author I’m supporting is worth all the time and effort. When you’re passionate about a book don’t you want to shout about it? Doing this is my way of saying THANK YOU to them for their work. (You’re first act in thanking an author is to leave a review).
    Me: I don’t think people can ever be reminded too often about leaving reviews!Suzi Tyrrell its such an easy thing to do. It takes minutes to do but lots of people can’t be bothered.
    Lorna Farrell I have quite a bit of spare time now that my daughter is older so it gives me something to do that I enjoy. I love to read so sharing books comes easily to me.And yes! Write a review! Just a sentence or two will do. Talk about the plot, the characters or the author’s writing style or what you liked about it as a whole.
  4. What made you decide to start the Candace Carrabus street team?
    Because Candace is a fantastic story teller!! Her writing is exciting and I love her books. I want other people to have the chance to read her work.She is always willing to help out other independent authors and is very approachable. If you speak to her over social media she will chat back.Me: Awww…thank you! It’s hugely important to me to be accessible–both by fellow authors and by readers. I believe very strongly in authors helping each other, not competing.
    Lorna Farrell Suzi made me do it. 😀 I agreed to it because I really enjoyed Raver and Roar of Smoke.
    Suzi Tyrrell Lorna lol!!
  5. Do all authors have street teams?
    Suzi Tyrrell Traditionally published authors won’t need street teams like us! Their publicists should be doing all they can to promote their work. After all, that’s why they take such a huge cut!!
    So no, not all authors have street teams. One aspect of independent publishing is having to do your own marketing and advertising. It can be expensive and very time consuming. So any help you can get is very much appreciated. And you should never underestimate the power of social media.
    Lorna Farrell I agree with Suzi on this one. Though fans themselves can be considered a Street Team.
  6. How can others get involved?
    Suzi Tyrrell Drop the author an inbox or email asking if they have a street team. Tell them how great they are and how amazing their books are.If you’re interested…. just ask
    On a lighter note we are often called Stalkers and Pimpers and if you get that… then it’s probably something you would love to do.Lorna Farrell I can’t argue with the “just ask” but would also add that following your favorite authors on social media, joining in on their websites and or signing up for their newsletters would keep you in the loop and you may find that they are looking for people to join the team.

Now, I’m inviting YOU to become part of my street team. We’re looking for a snazzy name for the team, too, but haven’t come up with one yet. Send suggestions! Want to get involved? Send me a message. You can do this via the contact page on this site or through my Facebook page.

Street team members will earn my gratitude, OF COURSE! And be invited to join the secret Facebook group where you can share street team tactics and more. You’ll get previews of upcoming stories before they’re published. Possible future benefits might include the chance to have a character in a story named after you, a signed book, and who knows what else.

Also, look for Suzi and her new book in the June newsletter as her author persona–SD Stevens.

As always, enjoy the ride!






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