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Today’s Ride: Mistakes & Magic

It happens. We make mistakes. We forget what we said or to give someone a message. Miss an appointment or a deadline. We apologize. We’re busy. Life is full, hectic. Some of us make lists, write notes, create reminders. I swear to do better. I’ve tried all sorts of tactics and systems. But the truth is, I’m a panster. Not just with my writing, but with life.

But this is specifically about writing. As I was working on the draft of Wrong Lead, the third book in the Dream Horse Mysteries, I realized I had changed a horse from a mare to a gelding. Not one of the major horses like Vi’s mare, Cali. But an important secondary character’s horse–Dex One’s Ciqala.

I was so proud of myself for catching and fixing this mistake before the book was published!! In On the Buckle, she was a mare, and in Wrong Lead, she is a mare. Whew!

Oh, not so fast. Someone wrote a review. I am SO thankful to people who write reviews. It was a good review on the UK or Canada Amazon site, four or five stars. The reviewer just happened to mention that one of the horses had gone from being a mare to being a gelding and BACK TO A MARE.

What the what?

That could mean only one thing.

I wasted no time searching the second book manuscript. Sure enough, in Run Out, I called Ciqala a gelding. Indeed, this poor horse started out as a mare, became a gelding, then went back to being a mare. Never mind gender politics. This was magic!

But magic that needed to be fixed. And fix it I did before sending the books to the audio narrator. Corrected copies of Run Out are being uploaded to all retail sites as well.

A million thanks to that reviewer for pointing this out. And my apologies to readers and poor Ciqala!

Have you found a mistake? Let me know! Made one you’d like to share? (It would make me feel a little better!) Tell me all about it in the comments section.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying the ride!

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