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Today’s Ride: Meet Author S.D. Stevens!

My June featured author is S.D. Stevens. Here’s a bit of info about her. For more and a free preview of her new book, just sign up for the newsletter!

I love reading, whether it’s historical, horror, romance, supernatural or suspense, I get totally absorbed. I enjoy a wide variety of authors from Stephen King and James Herbert to indie authors such as Nicky Charles, Jan Gordon, Candace Carrabus and S C Stephens.

My greatest ambition is to become a fantasy indie author. I has been writing for years but never plucked the courage up to get my work published. It took me a long time to find an outlet for all the stuff that goes off in my head and then to show it to people. Most have said it is good and want to read more but lets face it, I have only shown my work to family and close friends. As much as I love them and how they have encouraged me, the biggy is what will happen once I publish something? Once it’s out there? That is scary, don’t you think?

My writing is mostly about a magical world called Alhanassa. It came into existence after reading countless historical novels and being troubled by how society treated girls and women. What would it be like if the roles were reversed? A world governed by Queens, Priestess, governesses. Alhanassa is such a place where women rule and magic is a part of everyday life.

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She loves her readers, so please feel free to contact her at:

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Dark Magic Rising

– The Sisterhood Trilogy Book One

Follow Lynwen and her colleagues as they try to unfold the mystery of their divided magic. They discover a fallen god who plans to wreak havoc on their world. Lynwen fast realises that magic is no match for this new foe and the reunifying of their people will have to wait. Romance flourishes amid a battle for their lives as the beasts created by the fallen god tear their newly formed trust apart. There was a strained peace between the Torian and Leian people but Lynwen belongs to neither side. An ancient mandate to protect Alhanassa’s vast knowledge places her in a precarious position as she is thrown into a group of mixed nationalities. However, overcoming the diversity within their small company forges friendships Lynwen will never forget.

Chapter One – Confusion 

Sand thrashed around the rider’s head and shoulders, the sound shaking her to the core. Shelter, she must find shelter before the sandstorm took her. As if out of nowhere a wall came into view over the sand dunes. She kicked her horse, sending him into a headlong gallop between the mounds. It didn’t matter that he could stumble into something unseen. Through the harrowing sound of wind she could make out the dull thud of a bell. A storm signal, no doubt. The noise sent the inhabitants of the settlement running for cover. An opening in the wall gave her a cloudy glimpse inside; low, clay buildings with thatched roofs came into view as she got closer. A well or statue seemed like a catalyst for the storm’s song, swirling around the grey stone, dragging debris towards the centre. Shadows of people running for cover filled her with some vague hope, could she make the gatehouse and take shelter there? Pulling the scarf from her mouth she shouted for help.

She was level with the gates now, her legs losing their grip on the saddle. Was it the sand obscuring her vision or the dizziness in her head? Shaking herself she began to fall. Vaguely aware, she struggled against the strong hands that gripped her hips and upper arms. A voice spoke but the words made no sense. As darkness descended, voices mumbled and hands grabbed. The sand blew, sounding like thunder in her head; then nothing.

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Until next time, enjoy the ride!!

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