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Today’s Ride is the May Newsletter Featuring Author Amy Willoughby-Burle

I am so happy and excited to introduce you to Amy. She and I used to be in the same critique group and boy oh boy do I miss her! You’ll understand why when you read the excerpt of her WIP (work-in-progress), The Lemonade Year.

Amy writes about the mystery and wonder of everyday life–whether it’s through contemporary romance, women’s fiction or even dystopian fantasy. Her inspirational fiction aims to illuminate the  universal and the unique qualities that make us a mystery to each other as well as a comfort.

“There is more to every story, more to every character than what we see from the outside. I like to explore what lies beneath the surface of our actions and what rests deep within out hearts.”

No matter the subject, her fiction centers around human relationships–for the better and the worse and every adventure in between.

“You don’t have to have an explosive past or be from some exotic land to be interesting. Everyone’s life is full of fireworks and magic moments, trials and triumphs, hopes and heartaches. Your life is amazing. I write about us–you and me–and the everyday extraordinary lives we all live.”

Amy loves her readers, so please feel free to contact her:






The Lemonade Year

The truth will set you free, but first it will make a huge mess of things.

Nina has found herself somewhere she didn’t want to be. She’s has just lost her father, her marriage is ending and her job is in jeopardy. Her teenage daughter is slipping away from her and her mother may or may not have fallen off the wagon. Her ex-con brother, Ray, has just found out he’s a father and her sister, Lola who suffers from an ailment affectionately called, Swiss Cheese brain is about to blow a big family secret out of the water.

All Nina’s got left is an assignment photographing 32 Ways to Make Lemonade. Well, that and the attention of a younger man who might turn out to be more heaven-sent than she thought.

What will she do with the lemons life has given her?


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In the meantime, enjoy the ride!







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