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Today’s Ride: Bye Bye Bones

This month’s featured author is LaLa Corriere. Since early childhood, Lala has been passionate about all the arts. She is a painter and a former stage performer. Early work careers blended high-end real estate sales and presiding over an interior design firm. Her fifth-grade teacher, Miss Macy, was the first mentor to suggest she consider a career in writing. That extension of the arts, the written word, turned into a full-time passion in 2001. Readers and reviewers applaud her hallmark original plots, her in-depth character portrayals, rich scene settings, and authentic dialogue, all delivered with a fresh new voice. Oh, and her TWISTS!
Lala is a desert rat. She nestles there with her husband of over 26 years along with and Finnegan & Phoebe– Teacup Yorkies.


Gutsy investigator Cassidy Clark is the star of “Bye Bye Bones,” a thriller that crackles with snappy dialogue and feisty females. 

 Jaxon Giles’ beloved dog is dead. He can’t prove it, but he knows who killed Gecko. His stalking ex-wife wants to take away anything and anyone he loves.  

Private investigator Cassidy Clark agrees to run surveillance, while in the midst of helping the city of Tucson.  

Women are disappearing. 


Were they murdered? Kidnapped and being held captive? A cult that enticed them to leave all belongings behind?  

Without bodies and any crime scenes, there is no DNA. No evidence. No trace.

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One Response to Today’s Ride: Bye Bye Bones

  1. @msugar13I like your spunky attitude already and this’s your first blog post I’ve ever read. I can tell this is going to be a favorite stop of mine during the challenge. I’m so glad your were roped into it -aggravating as it is. I know we writers don’t have much to do all day, especially the unpublished or as I like to call it, pre-published ones like myself, other than our day jobs and raising kids, PTA meetings, soccer games and all that other crap. So sometimes we take on extra stuff like blogging every day except Sunday. I love your choice for a theme ” Oh I don’t know , how about aggravated for A. And Busy as hell for B.” I like you already and I noticed you review books. You love horses. You have a sense of humor . All that and a quirky, personality. How come I’ve never had the pleasure of discovering your blog before? I’ve bookmarked it to visit during the challenge.
    Melissa @
    Sugar Crime Scene – A to Z Challenge

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