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Today’s Ride: August Newsletter Features Exclusive Run Out Preview!

The August newsletter is out. In addition to subscriber-only links to download Cold Backed and Out of Darkness, readers are getting an exclusive sneak peek at the first chapter of Run Out, the sequel to On the Buckle.

Coming soon, the complete cover reveal–it’s awesome! Run Out will be released toward the end of August and available for preorder a week or so before that.

Here’s a short teaser to whet your appetite:

– 1 –

Certain men should be required to wear a sports bra when riding.

That’s what I was thinking as I boosted an overweight guy onto Fawn, a stout quarter horse mare who could carry him without straining anything. Although she did let out a little grunt of protest when he plopped onto the saddle.

His parts bounced recklessly. And by parts, I mean man boobs. A recent study said you could throw your horse’s balance out of whack if you didn’t wear the right undergarments when riding.

Sign up for the newsletter to read the rest and to meet Viola Parker and Robert Malcolm, the stars of the Dream Horse Mysteries.

In the meantime, as always, enjoy the ride!






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