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Today’s ride: And so it begins…

There’s nothing like starting a new book. Writing one, that is!

Today, I began work on The Horsecaller: Book Two  (as of yet untitled). I didn’t mean to. I didn’t want to.

I had to.

I’ve been working on something else–The Good Horse, The Bad Man & The Ugly Woman–but then, there’s always something else.

The beginning lines of Lauren’s next adventure were stuck at the front of my mind like a glowing sticky note, and there was nothing for it but to begin. She has much work still to do, many horses to attend to, and multiple challenges on the horizon. She insisted I start so she can move forward. Lauren doesn’t like to stand still. Plus, she really doesn’t like the first chore she faces in this part of her story. So, she wanted to get on with it.

You know how she is.

Somewhere around here I have a draft of this book. But lots changed in Raver as I edited. Therefore, this one starts in a different place from where I originally intended. Stories are like that. Characters have minds of their own. Sometimes, it’s all an author can do to keep up.

I’ll keep you posted on my…er…Lauren’s progress.



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