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Today’s Ride: 20 Reasons I ALWAYS Wear a Scarf When Traveling

My daughter and I were sitting on a plane one time, delayed, waiting, bored. I had a scarf on as usual, and we got to talking about all the ways a scarf could come in handy while traveling. After I thought about it, I realized I would never set out on an adventure again without at least one scarf! Here’s our list of reasons you should always wear a scarf when you travel, too.

  1. Fold to use as a pillow.
  2. Wrap around your shoulders as a shawl on those cool Paris nights.
  3. Cover yourself when the plane is too cold. The last time I asked for a blanket, it had chewing gum stuck in it. Never again!
  4. Make a sling for an injured arm or to carry a baby.
  5. Bad hair day? Wrap your head in a scarf.
  6. Over do it shopping? Turn your scarf into a ruck sack.
  7. Luggage didn’t make it? Wrap your scarf around your waist as a sarong skirt.
  8. Luggage didn’t make it? 🙂 Wrap your scarf around your torso as a bandeau or halter top.
  9. Belt or sash.
  10. Attach to almost anything as a strap.
  11. Lights too bright? Drape your scarf over a lamp or your face to get a little shut eye.
  12. Outfit need something extra? Turn your scarf into a vest.
  13. God forbid you need it for this, but it would work as a tourniquet or bandage.
  14. Driving through the mountains in a convertible? Use your scarf as a headband.
  15. Hair tie.
  16. Impromptu picnic at a castle? Instant tablecloth!
  17. Not sure about the hotel you chose? Cover the pillow with your scarf.
  18. Crossing the desert? Use your scarf as a dust mask.
  19. Strainer/sieve.
  20. Need to wash up? Use it as a towel.

Now that you’ve seen our list, can you think of any other ways to use a scarf? If you’re a writer, how would your character use a scarf? Tying up the bad guy’s hands comes to mind…or tying up the good guy’s hands–if you write that sort of thing.  🙂

Hoping your days are filled with adventure! Come to think of it, next time I step out, I’ll make sure I’m wearing a scarf and have a spare in my carryon!

Don’t forget to enjoy the ride.








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