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2 Responses to Connect!

  1. Candace says:

    Hi Elise,

    Wow, what a blast from the past! So glad you found me! Yes, On the Buckle a a somewhat obscure term–unless you’re one of us :-)–and because of that, a risky choice for a book title. But I kinda allude to the meaning in the book description and then explain it fairly early on in the story itself for those who are not in the know. I hoped the cover would grab readers’ attention even if the title didn’t.

    I drew on my past for many aspects of the story, including some horse names you might recognize.

    Enjoy the ride!


  2. Elise N. Cooper says:

    Candace – Couldn’t believe it when I saw a book titled “On the Buckle” in Amazons 100 Free Books on my Kindle. I thought, “Hey, only people who really ride and hunt know the term, let me check this out.” When I saw your name I had to call JoAnn that it was really you. Wow. I am so impressed. Yes, I ordered the book; haven’t gotten to it yet, but am wildly interested. Then I saw the picture you you and one of your daughter. You look just the same, but with grey hair like me! ‘Til I read the caption, I thought somehow there was a picture of JoAnn with you. I can’t believe that your daughter is that old. My kids are 31 and 29, so I guess time does march on even for people I still remember as in their early 20s who couldn’t possibly have a child that old.

    Glad you’re published & happy doing it. – Elise

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