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Care & Feeding of Authors


Frequently, fans want to know what they can do to help their favorite authors. Here are a few ideas.

Authors would be nothing without you, the reader.

We appreciate everything you do.


On the Care and Feeding of
Your Local Author  

10 easy steps you can take that make a difference


  1. Buy the book… of course!

  2. Write a review on Amazon (or Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads, or on your blog…)–the second most important thing you can do

  3. Promote it on social media–Facebook, twitter, Pinterest…

  4. Buy books as gifts

  5. Feature the author in your blog, podcast, or newsletter

  6. Pass out bookmarks–contact the author for these

  7. Request the book be carried by local bookstores and libraries

  8. “Like” and “share” the author’s Amazon page

  9. “Like” and “share” the author’s Facebook page

  10. Tell everyone you know!







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