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A Short Q&A with Candace Carrabus

A short Q&A session with the fabulous author of the Dream Horse Mysteries, Candace Carrabus.

Questions by Suzi Tyrrell & Answers by Candace

  1. Q: The Dream Horse Mystery series definitely pulls you. We come along for a ride that’s more like a rollercoaster than horse back! It’s thrilling!! So our first question is – where did the idea for Dream Horse Mysteries come from?

    A: The Dream Horse Mysteries were partly inspired by the funny experiences we had after moving to a farm as well as some of the amazing people we’ve met along the way. But Vi was one of those characters who emerged from my subconscious with a clear voice and strong attitude. Her story had to be told.

  2. Q: In On the Buckle we find out that Vi has a special gift. Do you believe in receiving messages from the “other side?”

    A: Wholeheartedly! But recognizing and interpreting them is a whole ‘nother thing.

  3. Q: Anyone who follows you on social media knows you have a busy life. How do you find the time to write and do you have a writing process?

    A: This is always a challenge, and not just for me. Many authors write around full-time jobs and the demanding schedules of their children. Having a family that understands and supports what you’re doing is a huge help, and I do. When I’m writing a book, I think about it almost all the time especially as I’m falling asleep at night (which could explain my vivid dreams!) and when I first wake up in the morning. Sometimes, I make a few notes. When I sit down to write, the scenes and dialogue are clear in my mind, so the writing itself goes quickly. At the same time, I’m a total panster, so even though I know what’s going to happen next, I don’t always know exactly HOW it’s going to happen. My characters never stop surprising me!

  4. Q: Let’s give a mention to the wholesome, home cooked food you write about! What is your favorite food?

    A: I’ve never met a starch I didn’t like and love to bake bread and make my own pasta. I try to stick to lots of fresh fruit and veggies, but to me, there’s nothing better then a slice of toast slathered with butter. And pie, I do love pie. A piece of hot apple pie with a nice hunk of cheddar cheese melting over it is a special treat. My great-grandmother used to say that pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze. A discussion of food wouldn’t be complete without mentioning chocolate. Dark with nuts (in case you’re thinking of sending me some…)

  5. Q: In Run Out we learn that some things are worth our time to cherish and grow. Like Giacomo’s tomato plants. Do you have a favorite plant or flower?

    A: I grow my own herbs and try to dry them or make something out of them before winter. Like pesto. That pasta I mentioned above? I’ll have it with basil or oregano pesto most of the time. I also grow lavender and never tire of that fragrance.

  6. Q: We know Vi loves whipped cream, do you have a go-to stress food?

    A: My greatest weakness is cookies. Oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, Fig Newtons…you name it. If I’m stressed and there are cookies in the house, I’ll have the entire package done before I realize what I’m doing.

  7. Q: Vi’s story appears to have come full circle. Is this the last book in the series or have you got another on deck?

    A: Never say never. I did intend Wrong Lead to wrap up the series. I have thoughts about possible spinoffs, and might write more Dream Horse Mysteries in the future, but I have a backlog of other projects to complete first.



p.s. HUGE shoutout to my street team founder Suzi Tyrrell for coming up with these thoughtful questions! Check out Suzi’s writing (as S.D. Stevens) on Facebook and Amazon.






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