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About Candace

Candace Carrabus encountered the powerful emotional comfort of horses at an early age. After being diagnosed with scoliosis at 11, she was strapped into an ugly and cumbersome back brace for 23 hours a day.

She couldn’t remember a time when she wasn’t in love with horses and quickly learned that unlike humans, they didn’t ask questions, judge, or poke fun. She hoarded her time, wearing the brace for days without break to remove it long enough for a weekly riding lesson.

A little over a year later, her first horse, an off-the-track thoroughbred mare named Sasha, arrived at the house on a crisp Christmas morning.

Me and my best friend and best ride ever, Smirnoff.

Candace’s best friend for over 25 years, and the best ride ever, Smirnoff.

Every day after school and most weekends, Candace went to the barn, never minding the solitude, never really alone.

It was during this time that writing became as much of an obsession as riding.

Those years helped develop Candace’s fearless creativity and sense of humor while providing the deep well from which her imagination springs. Her stories are imbued with the irresistible wonder, mystery, and solace horses have brought to her life.


Remi, the chestnut on the right, hangs with his pasture mate, Zhivago.

Carrabus shares a farm in Missouri her her husband, daughter, two dogs, three cats, a llama, an alpaca, two goats, and a mini donkey.

She boards her gelding, Remi, where there are plenty of other equines for him to play with and an indoor arena in which to ride. Although riding will always be high on the list, one of her greatest pleasures is sitting on the back deck, sipping tea, reading a good book, and watching the birds.

Not surprisingly, Carrabus’s stories are infused with the mystery and spirituality horses have brought to her life. Her characters also gain strength and courage from their deep and sometimes mystical relationship with horses.

Candace’s philosophy, in brief :: (No, not in briefs, but that’s a nice image, thank you very much.)

We are all immigrants in spirit, with our minds, hearts, and souls being the final frontier. This is what happens to all my main characters–whether by choice or accident or design–they go somewhere else.

They immigrate.

At first, this change is external–physical.  Over time, their journeys lead to a place of discovery and growth that is within each individual alone.  The final frontier to which we all can go.

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Awards and such

Raver, The Horsecaller: Book One
First place, Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Oklahoma Writers Federation, 2003
First place, Paranormal, Toronto Romance Writers, 2005

On the Buckle, Cream Horse Mystery #1
Third place, Single Title Contemporary, Toronto Romance Writers, 2005

A Farmer at Last
Second place, Essay, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, 2003

Third place, Poetry Unrhymed Short, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, 2003

Unending Memory
Second place, Saturday Writers Poetry Contest

” . . . she’s a very good writer, very level-headed, with all the right expectations and professional patience, who can write in both the  fantasy and the romance fields.” — Philip Martin, author/editor of The Writer’s Guide to Fantasy Literature.



One Response to About Candace

  1. Mike Almond says:

    Dear Candace,

    It normally takes a lot to disturb my equilibrium. But today I unearthed your wealth of accomplishments whilst searching for a suitably horsey tome for a god-daughter and made an “ancient” connection which momentarily rocked me.

    Candace Carrabus . . . The Riding School in Ness . . . The pub in the village (The Wheatsheaf?) . . . teenagers in the sunshine and an infinitesimally small moment in time when our worlds touched lightly for a couple of brief evenings together. You name leapt off the page, as did Mt. Sinae – I seem to recall that we were short-lived pen pals!

    You’ll be delighted to know that I have invested in your “stock” via Amazon, in the hope that another young girl will grasp the reins of life and bring a smile to my face – as you have succeeded in doing today.

    It truly is a small world. Let’s face it, worlds don’t come much smaller than Ness, Wirral!

    Best Wishes,


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