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 Exciting New Fantasy Series November 20, 2013

Candace Carrabus does an excellent job of creating the world of Cirq where the horses have disappeared. When Lauren is dragged there by a mysterious man and finds out she is the Horsecaller, readers join with her to discover her true destiny. Not to mention, there’s a hunky, honorable man to help her through her journey–Leinos.The author presents just enough mix of fantasy, romance, adventure, and danger throughout the story to keep readers turning the pages to find out if Lauren will be able to call the horses before her adversaries stop her and to discover whether or not Leinos and Lauren will fall in love. The book does have a conclusion, but Carrabus is planning a sequel, which readers will be anxious to pick up and continue the story in Cirq.

Horse lovers will enjoy this book on a whole other level–the relationship Lauren has with her own horse Pindar is special and sweet. It’s obvious Carrabus knows horses.

 Compelling story! November 19, 2013
So many things to love about this book! The characters are three-dimensional people, and the world the author has created is intriguing. The plot kept this reader totally engaged with the book, and, on top of that, Carrabus has a way with words. I love the lyrical quality of the writing! I am not generally a fantasy reader, nor do I typically read horse stories, but she weaves such a compelling story that I will definitely read the sequel and (hopefully) more novels to follow. BTW, the cover is gorgeous!
 Wonderful fantasy/romance/adventure September 8, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It featured a very engaging heroine, an imaginative middle-ages-like society, believable characters, and a great plot. I love fish-out-of-water stories, so the concept of Lauren, a modern-day ordinary woman, finding herself in an unfamiliar world where she’s expected to save the day grabbed my interest from page one. The author’s knowledge of and love of horses really shines through and makes you want to go out and bring one home for yourself. I highly recommend Raver to anyone who enjoys a good story, especially if you’re a horse lover.

 Enlightening in so many ways for me!!! August 31, 2013
As an animal/cat lover I understand how our pets love and comfort us. I truly enjoyed reading Raver and I am amazed how it has changed how I perceive horses and their ability to comfort, protect, love and care for the humans in their life. I have gained new insight into these wonderful animals that I never realized before reading Raver. Candace has opened my eyes to not just the magnificent outside beauty of horses, but their beauty, grace, strength, courage, and loyalty that comes from within. It’s a great story and I look forward to book two of the Horsecaller.
 Get ready for a journey you won’t forget!! August 5, 2013
What an adventure! The reader is whisked away with the characters immediately and the riveting ride is one not soon forgotten. The Horsecaller is a brilliant character, her horse, exquisite and I am hoping for their next adventure soon!

 Enchanting! August 2, 2013
Prepare for an adventure to another dimension in time.
A journey with dedication, bravery, honor, and pure love is shining throughout this wonderful story and of course sinister enemies to challenge the mission.
It was very hard to put the book down and I’m looking forward to the sequel!
 You’re never too old for a horse story, or a fantasy as it turns out July 16, 2013
Finally, an accomplished horsewoman writes a book that’s not only accurate in all things horsey, but entertaining and engaging as well. If you enjoy either horse stories, or fantasies, you’re in luck. If you enjoy both, you’ll be as thrilled as I was to read this can’t-put-it-down tale from a very talented writer. Can’t wait for the next one!
 Didn’t want it to end July 8, 2013

I wasn’t ready for the story to end! Hope the wait for book 2 isn’t too long.I love stories in which “ordinary” people who have settled for an unfulfilled life are challenged to do extraordinary things. The reluctant heroine, Lauren, is dragged kicking and screaming into a dying country to save it by restoring its source of power, a magnificent herd of horses. She has help: Pindar, a stallion brought (not reluctantly it turns out) from her world, as well as guardians and sages who are eager for her to succeed. There are ups and downs aplenty. I cared about these people (and the horse) and what they were up to. I admit to being emotional a couple times when it looked like curtains for Lauren and she was saved by the unexpected. Perhaps “saved” isn’t the word. I think offered the opportunity by the forces of Life to step up and try something different is more accurate.

Ms. Carrabus, I hope Book Two is well beyond the rough draft stage.


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