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Q is for Quarrel

I made the huge mistake of agreeing to meet JJ for dinner shortly after I arrived at Winterlight. He was good looking and … he was good looking. And I was feeling sorry for myself. I have no other explanation. It didn’t end well. The next day, there was an incident with Norman at Winterlight–what Candace might call the inciting incident–that required my being questioned by the authorities to establish where I was and who I was with during a certain time period.

The deputy made notes and nodded. “And after ten p.m. last night? Where did you go when you left Mel’s?”

I’d so hoped he would not return to that timeline. But I don’t lie, and there was no point in it I could think of. Except for my pride. Except I’d already sunk so low by coming to work at a hack barn, pride hardly figured in.

“We went down to the river for a little while, no more than fifteen minutes. I’m not sure where, but not far from here.”

“You don’t know where?”

“It was dark. I followed JJ, but I don’t exactly know my way around yet.”

“Mr. Jenson was with you?”

For cripe’s sake. “Yes. At the river. He drove his truck, I drove mine. I left after fifteen minutes or so. I don’t know if he stayed there, or what.”

“I see. Did you quarrel?”

I’d been leaning forward, my elbows on my knees, my head hanging down. I raised it to look at the deputy. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“I’m asking the questions, here, ma’am.”

“No, I wouldn’t say we quarreled.”

“What would you say?”

I noticed Dex watching me closely. His eyes had turned dark as stout, unreadable.

“I’d say Mr. Jenson and I had a difference of opinion about what was to transpire between us at the river, and I left him there before anything he might have been hoping to transpire between us but that I was not interested in having transpire between us did so transpire. Does that answer your question?”

The deputy blinked several times, then wrote in his notebook.

Dexter’s shoulders shook. He acted like he was coughing, but he was laughing.

Having to deal with the police makes me cranky. Join me tomorrow for R is for Red panties.

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