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Nobody told me I’d have to talk to people…

carloBabyMemeIt’s no surprise that most authors would like nothing better than to sit and write stories all day without interruption. But everyone has to come up for air occasionally and talk to others. I received a lovely, lovely note from a reader last week telling me how much she loved Raver and asking when the next Horsecaller book would be out. I answered her. I always answer emails and messages from fans, don’t you?

Well, apparently not all authors do.

After she got my reply, she said, “OMG I’m blown away that a writer actually wrote me back!! I’m so excited!!! LOL I’m so happy to hear about your book in progress and will definitely buy it!! Thank you again for making me not only a new fan but a deliriously happy reader! Have an awesome night!”

Which is totally, amazingly, incredibly awesome! Who would ever tire of hearing that? Not me. It was easy and took only a moment to type a reply, but it saddened me a little to know that some authors don’t respond to readers. I guess if you’re really famous, and you get messages like this all the time, then maybe each of those moments, no matter how easy, would add up to too much time away from writing. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this whether your famous, infamous, want to be famous, or just want to be left alone! 🙂

With all the time spent marketing and trying to reach new readers, this seems like a no-brainer. Not to mention very rewarding. Then again, if you’re famous, you probably have a marketing and publicity budget and team to handle stuff like this.

Famous or not, I hope I always have time to respond to a fan who took time out of her busy schedule to write to me.

Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!


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2 Responses to Nobody told me I’d have to talk to people…

  1. Melissa Burger says:

    That was me who wrote that and as I said I’m still deliriously happy that you took the time to write me back PERSONALLY and not a hired help!!

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