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The Good Horse, The Bad Man & The Ugly Woman, the newest Witting Woman novella, set to release later in February.

I’m really excited about this story.

newGoodHorseCoverLargerIt tells the story of Maureen Smith—a 50-something empty nester—whose boring job, bushy hair, busy husband, and bird feeders add up to a life of tranquility.

And ennui.


  • her breakfast granola spells out the word Help
  • her boss goes out of town and insists Maureen care for a horse
  • the horse runs Maureen down
  • the boss’s angry ex shows up claiming the horse as his own

…life becomes chaotic!

And exciting.

Mix in a wacky receptionist/rescuer of hair, a worried husband bent on changing his ways, a helpful horse transporter with a wandering eye, and you have all the ingredients for another light-hearted Witting Woman ebook.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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