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New 5-star review of On The Buckle

It’s always rewarding to know someone has read your work and enjoys it. And “gets” it!

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5.0 out of 5 stars But not an “on the buckle” read!!, September 20, 2013
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I grew up riding horses, and I can spot a poser from two book shelves away. So when I found Candace Carrabus’ books, I was thrilled to know she is both an experienced rider and a talented writer. If you like horses, or just love of a good mystery, I totally recommend “On the Buckle.” (PG-13…it is for grown-ups, y’all)

Here’s a great line from the book that describes the allure of riding; “When I get in the saddle, some channel opens that is closed to most others…it put me in a zone of some kind where nothing could touch us-if I was on a horse I knew was ready, a horse that could do it.”

Aha! What she said!

The main character who is thinking these thoughts is Viola Parker; she’s sassy, funny, hooked on whipped cream straight from the can, and shares what we all feel about a good ride. And then finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery that had me chomping at the bit to find out who-done-it until the end.

Carrabus’ plot and characters are spot on, she’s funny, and her details about writing, and um…dead bodies….add extra interest. And if you don’t understand the title for this review, you will soon, and then you’ll agree, it’s a page-turner!

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