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L is for Limp

There are two men called Dex who board their horses at Winterlight. We call them Dex One and Dex Two to keep them straight. Malcolm was away on business the day I met Dex One.

Clara brought the man to me. “Dexter Hamill, this is Viola Parker.”

I winced at the use of my full name. “Vi” would have done. Of medium build with buzz-cut blond hair and matching mustache, Dexter One’s most distinguishing feature was a pronounced limp. The way he moved, it was an old injury to which he’d adapted long ago. How he rode with it, I could not imagine. I stood to shake his hand.

His grip was strong. The look in his eye was all warm molasses, but there was a hint of determination behind the softness, and I knew that whatever caused the limp kept Dex from very little.

“Let me talk to these fellers outside for a minute, see what’s up. I’ll be back.”

He hobbled out into the drizzle. Clara’s heavy body heaved a great sigh.

“That man can park his boots under my bed any time,” she whispered.

I blinked at her. Her and Hank looked like they’d been together forever, but he was a bit of a bow-legged little gnome. Dex was fairly ordinary looking until you noticed his eyes. Even with the limp, I could see how she’d find him attractive.

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