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It’s The Roar of Smoke’s Birthday!

The Roar of Smoke 3D cover reducedIf you don’t think birthing a book is almost as hard as birthing a baby, I’m here to tell you, it can take as long or longer to create this creature called Book, and while presenting it to the world might not require an epidural, I have had my share of headaches along the way!

As an author, I know not everyone is going to find my baby as beautiful as I do. That’s okay, I created the best book I could, and I love this one as much as all my others.

Welcome to the world, Tressida, Galiann, Balor, Gran, Perren, Chicky, and Ke Ke! Welcome back Lauren, Leinos, and Vraz from Raver. Warden Kadre had a small part toward the end of Raver, but he gets a much bigger role in The Roar of Smoke. 


Smoke spinner, meldborn, Tressida should have been killed at birth. Tweet: Smoke spinner, meldborn, Tressida should have been killed at birth. #theroarofsmoke http://ctt.ec/ire9m+

Here’s the full description of The Roar of Smoke:

Tressida is a smoke-spinner, a meldborn. It’s a lethal legacy, a forbidden force. Daughter of Crone and Sage, by law she should have been killed at birth.

Now she’s seventeen, wanting only to be a member of her land’s vanished Horseguard and discovering she is more than she ever knew as first her eyes and then her hair turn to smoke. Just as she learns she can fulfill her dream of working with horses, her talent awakens an ancient and deadly feud.

On one side—those claiming the honor of destroying a meldborn. On the other—those intending to use her for their own ends. Sida must master her talent in order to save herself and those she loves.

Is she strong enough?

Or will the roar of smoke consume her?


Tweet: Readers! @CandaceCarrabus The Roar of Smoke FB Party is for you! Find new authors! Giveaways and Prizes! http://ctt.ec/GT9sL+ #giveawaysTo join today’s celebration, hop over to Facebook where we’re having a big party with over 20 authors giving away books and gift cards and fun! The Roar of Smoke Release Party.


The cohost of my release party, Zoe Dawson, also has a release today. So today we have a double celebration.


Rory Finnegan had one goal when he got out of the Marines. Find a place where he can settle down and open a tattoo parlor. That’s when his best friend Ethan Fairchild suggests he come to Suttontowne in the Louisiana bayou. It’s there that Rory gets a job bartending for Braxton Outlaw and runs smack full force into gorgeous, too young for him, Savannah Hawkins. To make matters worse, she’s got an over-protective mother and an upper-crust boyfriend. It would be smart if he steered clear. But Marines like Rory don’t back down easily, especially after he gets much too involved with the southern beauty.

Savannah Hawkins is not sure what she’s going to do with her life and is quite sick of having everyone dictate to her, especially her family. When she gets a load of pierced, tattooed and gorgeous Rory, her interest goes off the charts. Complications like life decisions and a pre-selected husband seem inconsequential when she gets to know this scarred and battle-hardened warrior. Will she discover the answers she needs or will her coming of age tear her heart apart?

Check out Zoe’s new book, Mark Me at her site.


Thank you and enjoy the ride!



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