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A Run-in With The Dreaded Barbie…

The End of Mama

Hard as I tried to prevent it, my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter learned about the dreaded Barbie doll via pre-school.  Okay, I’m the only one repulsed by the thing, and not just because I didn’t have one when I was a kid and all my friends did.  No, really.  I distrust this toy for her culpability in teaching our daughters to objectify themselves, not to mention her incredible proportions.  Plus, anything surrounded by hype is suspect in my book.  If Barbie, in all her incarnations and spin-offs, doesn’t epitomize hype, nothing does.


Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom cover


So begins The End of Mama, my contribution to a terrific collection about motherhood called Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom available now from Publishing Syndicate.

Each title in the Not Your Mother’s Book series contains about 60 real-life stories dedicated to a unique theme, drawn from the passion and experience of dozens of writers in a whimsical and entertaining mix of irreverence and humor. The 64 stories in this book—ranging from birth to empty nest—are guaranteed to entertain and delight.

I wrote The End of Mama over ten years ago and have submitted it to several places since them. It finally has a home. Yay! I hope you’ll check out this fun collection–just in time for Mother’s Day!!

Get it from Amazon today!

What’s this story about? Why, the end of mama, of course! What’s that? Only the cessation of breastfeeding my one and only child. Oh, and Barbie. You might be scratching your head trying to figure out what those two subjects have to do with each other. You’ll just have to get the book to find out what it all means.

Book Signings

Dianna Graveman, one of the wonderful editors of this collection, has been kind enough to organize a couple of group booksignings in the St. Louis area. Quite a few contributors here, at least 15! That means you can get your copy personalized by that many of the authors. The first signing is scheduled for May 3 and the second is on July 15. Mark your calendar and come visit us!

May 1st Booksigning

May 1st NYMB on Being a Mom booksigning poster

Here’s the May 3 info (click image for larger version). We’ll be at 6 North Cafe from 11 – 1.

6 North Cafe has two locations. We’ll be at 14438 Clayton Road, Ballwin (map). This restaurant supports local writers, so you should check them out. Come for the authors, stay for a meal!

Books make great gifts–signed books are even better–and Mother’s Day is right around the corner–May 11th.

On July 15–a Tuesday evening–we’ll be at STL Books in Kirkwood (map). This will be a double signing for  NYMB…On Being a Mom and NYMB…On Family. Double the books, double the authors, double the fun!! Join us around 7 p.m. I’ll add details when I know them.

More info is available on the NYMB…On Being a Mom and NYMB…On Family Facebook page

I hope to see you at one of the signings.





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