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f ( 5t +/- 1 ) that make me laugh


It’s finally FRIDAY! That means it’s time for the friday five things plus or minus one list.

Today, five things that make me laugh with some links to things that might make you laugh, too.

You know laughing makes you feel better. According to WebMD, “we change physiologically when we laugh. We stretch muscles throughout our face and body, our pulse and blood pressure go up, and we breathe faster, sending more oxygen to our tissues.”

That’s a workout!

How much of a workout? According to caloriecount.about.com, “A hearty guffaw will burn more calories than a nervous titter, but researchers at Vanderbilt University found adults burn an average of 1.3 calories per minute while laughing with their friends.  That’s about the same number of calories you burn while taking notes in a classroom or standing and talking on the phone.”

Might not sound like much, but given the other benefits, well worth the effort. Here’s where you can find me LMAO:


1.  Sledding. The hardest and longest I’ve ever laughed has been sledding. Maybe the cold gives me some sort of brain freeze, I don’t know, but I often find myself at the bottom of the hill, in a heap, frequently with others either on top of or under me, laughing so hard I can scarcely breathe.

It could be related to 5.




2.  Watching animal antics. Almost every day, one of my dogs or cats
or my horse does something that makes me laugh with joy.

This is a funny video of a kitten (not mine) doing battle with a scary monster.





3.  Reading texting autocorrect fails. Whether these are real or made up doesn’t matter. Check them out.

Laughed until I cried.





4.  Reading the Darwin Awards. If you know what I’m talking about,
then you know what I’m talking about.

If you don’t.

Hmmmm…this could also be related to 5.





5.  Seeing someone fall down. I’m one of those people whose initial reaction is to laugh. Not if someone gets hurt, of course. But still. When someone falls down in front of you, it’s not nice to laugh. Maybe it’s the surprise. It’s not that I think it’s funny, and I recover quickly to help. For a long time, I thought something was wrong with me, then I realized it’s a nervous reaction.

Thankfully, neuroscience has an explanation.



What makes you laugh?



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