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It’s Friday! Yay! Today for the friday five things plus or minus one,

I asked friends to voice the things they dislike when reading for pleasure. Got some GREAT answers.


Cartoon from MMRule whose cartoons about writing I absolutely LOVE!

Okay, here’s the f ( 5t ± 1) list for October 18th:

  1. Too many characters introduced too quickly, sometimes with similar names, so I can’t keep them straight.
    I agree! That can be especially true when reading the 2nd or 3rd book in a series and the assumption is you’ve read the other books and are already familiar with the characters.
  2. Two things in a book I put down this weekend. Repeating the same information that I already knew from a previous chapter and jumping around in time so often I couldn’t keep straight when the passage I was reading was supposed to be occurring. So confusing and unnecessary.
    I have to work hard to shut off my internal editor when I’m reading for pleasure. But this is something that would jump out at anyone.
  3. I don’t like when a word is left out here and there even though it can be figured out. It doesn’t happen too often but I always want to take note of it and let the author know but I always forget and just keep reading.
    This could be the fault of poor editing. In today’s world where more and more authors are opting to self publish, getting someone else to proofread your work is essential.
  4.  I can’t stand repetition of phrases, descriptions etc. It’s so lazy, and makes for bland and boring reading.
    Easily caught if you have a critique group or partner. Or a good proofreader, as above.
  5. Words not commonly used in everyday speech! One or two in a book, are ok, encourage expansion of vocabulary….but when I hit number six…I am gone!!!
    Yeah, I LOVE learning new words, but if I have to keep a dictionary close at hand to understand something I’m reading for pleasure, I’ll put the book down without finishing.


There you have it authors! Are you guilty of any of these? Take heed. Readers notice.

Additional pet peeves welcome. Write ’em in the comments section and I’ll post another friday five things plus or minus one list about this subject in the future. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Amy Harke-Moore says:

    Thanks for posting this! While it’s valuable to get feedback from a critique group, what we writers often miss is how the reader perceives things. Good to know!

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