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Dreamhorse Mysteries

malcolminkiltteaserThe Dreamhorse Mysteries tell of the misadventures of Viola Parker, horsewoman, whose dreams are visited by a horse she used to know. But only when there’s trouble brewing…


“An equine Evanovich.”


Dreamhorse Mystery #1, On The Buckle, is available now.

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What readers are saying about On the Buckle

“I just want to let you know I just finished reading your book On The Buckle and loved it! Mind you I know nothing about horses but I do know about loving an animal like family and that love shows in your story and how you care for them. I was a little skeptical thinking the book would be too much about the horses. I was pleasantly surprised because it was so well balanced between the murder mystery, the love story and the horses. I can hardly wait to read your next one!!! Keep them coming!”

“I just finished reading On The Buckle. I couldn’t put it down. I took it everywhere with me and each morning while getting ready for work I’d get a few pages in between make up application and hair drying. This book had everything. Humor, mystery, romance and of course horses. And the book cover is just perfect. Now I know why you put the bull on the cover. Absolutely loved this book. Keep em coming!!!”


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