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Getting feedback on your writing is so important. But even more important is getting good feedback. Sure, it’s great to hear how wonderful your latest chapter is, but that isn’t really very helpful. Equally unhelpful is someone saying you got everything wrong. Everything. That’s rarely true.

Finding the balance–both when giving and receiving critique–can be hard. Also, if the person providing you feedback doesn’t read the type of thing you’re writing, you need to have a good filter, to know which of the more general comments to consider and when you should ignore some of the specific ones.

This takes practice.

Our critique group, The Scribes’ Tribe, has been together for quite some time. There is an element of trust in the room. Egos are checked at the door. Comments focus on what you got right and what could be improved. All done in a respectful atmosphere.

More information about The Scribes’ Tribe.

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