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April 4 Poem-a-Day Prompt

For today’s prompt, take the phrase, “100% (blank);” replace the blank with a new word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem; and then, write your poem. Example titles might include: “100% Beef,” “100% Cotton,” “100% Awesome,” “100% Etc.”

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5 Responses to April 4 Poem-a-Day Prompt

  1. Jerry says:

    100% GARBAGE

    I could have used
    any number of other words
    to describe the current 100%
    political milieu.

    But, unfortunately,
    none of them lend themselves
    to a rational discourse.

  2. Jerry says:

    Amy – I have to admit I love positive outlooks on life, and for that reason alone I responded to your poem. But, I have to confess, I gues I have lived too long to share your optimism. I hope not. But I do applaud your artistry in expressing a better view of life.

  3. Amy says:

    100% Genuine

    Is there such a thing
    in this world
    as the real deal?




    Maybe not 100%.
    But we come darn close.

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