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Always Learning

I learned a lot making the trailer for the Dream Horse Mysteries. I almost always learn something new, and I love learning! This time around, my lessons included

  • How to add another book trailer to the end of one on Youtube so they automatically play one right after the other. p.s. I wanted to add a link to Amazon or my site, but this is not allowed. If I were a youtube partner, I could apply to add my site, but you need a minimum of 10,000 views first. Not there yet.
  • How to set the size of the slides so that they are wide enough to fill the screen when exported to Quicktime from Keynote (1920 x 1080). On my older trailers, the slides all have a border on the right and left.
  • I also found a great site to download free music: incompetech.com music which is where I got the music for this video.

Welcome to the Dream Horse Mysteries!

As always, Enjoy the ride!





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